Black & White Aesthetics – Shelley Preston January 25, 2020 (11am-1pm)

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Black & White Aesthetics with Shelley Preston

January 25, 2020 (11am - 1pm)

Join Olympus Rep, Shelley Preston, with her exploration of Black and White Photography. Shelley has been shooting since she was a young teenager, and fell in love with black and white film.  Learn how to look for patterns, textures, lines, and especially light. She believes that sometimes shooting in black and white can capture more of the essence of life than color. Why shoot in black and white, and not just convert it in post-processing?  Come find out!

Bring your camera!

Workshop will be held at the Helix Studio (Upstairs), 100 N. Walnut Street, Itasca, Il. 60143