F&V X-520 60 Deg. Bi-Color LED Studio Panel

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F&V X-520 60 Deg. Bi-color LED Studio Panel - FV109023010221

The F&V X-520 is a bi-color, flicker-free LED Light Panel that offers up to 3560 lx of bi-colored light. With a designated CCT knob, you can dial in the perfect color temperature for your shot. Being compact and lightweight, it can be used in cramped spaces and without excessive support. The X-520 has a couple power supply options: a built-in V-mount Battery Plate, and a DC power jack. This light can be used not only in the studio but also on location miles away from the next power outlet. An interchangeable dimmer control module gives users multiple options in remotely controlling their light's intensity from 0-100%. Choose from F&V's line of dimmers to get exactly what you want out of your lights: standard dimmer, digital dimmer, DMX512 dimmer, and the 2.4G wireless remote. Lastly, with its closed-structure housing, rough conditions will not impede on the X-520's reliability and function. This X-series light comes with a V-mount AC Power Adapter. The v-mount power adapter fits onto the v-mount battery plate just as a battery would, but it has a cable that plugs into a wall socket, allowing for a constant feed of power to the light.