F&V Z1200S UltraColor Bi-color LED Studio Panel (Anton Bauer)

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F&V Z1200S UltraColor Bi-color LED Studio Panel (Anton Bauer)

F&V SKU: 109031080231AB | Helix SKU: FV109031080231AB


The Z1200 UltraColor utilizes the highly accurate F&V UltraColor LED. The F&V UltraColor LED has an exceedingly accurate color temperature and has a color rendering index of 95. With the UltraColor LED, F&V guarantees that each LED panel will vary no more than +/-100K in color temperature as well as no more than +/-1.0 in CRI. The UltraColor LED is the perfect LED for professional shooters and studios that need, without exception, maximum consistency. At a 60° beam angle, 1200 LEDs produce a rich, extremely bright beam of light which is perfect for high precision shoots in the studio or on location. The Z1200 has the same brightness as three (3) K4000 or Z400 LED panels.

The Z1200 UltraColor comes packaged with the noteworthy Milk Diffusion Filter which creates a soft, glamorous light. The Milk Diffusion Filter now utilizes a snap-in, quick-release mounting system. This new mounting system will work in unison with additional accessories, giving users the ability to stack modifiers on top of one another. This secure mounting system allows the light to be rigged sideways or upside down without the possibility of accessories falling or sliding out.

The Z1200 UltraColor has an expansion port which allows for installation of the SmartSync Control Circuit (SCC) as well as a DMX512 Module. The SCC module allows you to daisy chain multiple units together via CAT5 cables. When chained together, any light modified in the chain will cause all the other lights to dim in unison. The DMX512 Module allows for control of the lights with standard DMX512 dimmer boards.

Package Contents:

(1) x Z1200 UltraColor Bi-color LED Studio Panel (Anton Bauer)

(1) x Milk Diffusion Filter

(4) x Quick Release Rods for Milk Diffusion Filter

(1) x AC Power Adapter

(1) x Power Cable

(2) x Replacement Fuses


Bulb:  UltraColor LED
LED Count: 1200
Beam Angle: 60°
Power Variation: 0-100% (Stepless)
Color Rendering Index (Ra): ≥ 95 ±1.0


Correlated Color Temperature (CCT):

3200K~5600K  ±100K (Bi-color Model)
Operating Voltage: 10-18V DC
Nominal Weight: 8 lb 4 oz / 3.74 kg (excluding AC adapter and batteries)
Nominal Size (L x W x H): 61 x 37.5 x 8 cm (at widest parts, including yoke)

Power Options:
Built-in Anton Bauer,  AC Power Adapter (AC operation of 90-265VAC 50/60Hz)
Power Draw: 96W
Max Current: 9.6A