ProMaster Cityscape 40 Shoulder Bag - Charcoal Grey

Vendor: ProMaster

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ProMaster Cityscape 40 Shoulder Bag - Charcoal Grey

ProMaster SKU: 6914 | Helix SKU: PR6914

The Cityscape line is designed to have a classy yet modern look and feel. The bags are intentionally not overstated. They are built with lightweight and very strong fabrics. These nice-looking bags allow your customers to travel, and protect their camera gear, without drawing attention to the bag.

- Holds a full size DSLR with lenses and speedlight
- Tall enough to accomodate a 70-200mm lens
- Memory card pouches built into the interior roof flap
- Rain cover provides extra protection
- Top flap opens away from the body for easy visual and physical access to camera gear in the main compartment
- Light color interior fabric makes it easy to find small items
- Customizable compartment

Dimensions: 11.5” W X 9” H X 5.5” D

- Rain Cover

- Shoulder Strap