Used Custom Brackets CB Gimbal

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Used Custom Brackets CB Gimbal

Custom Brackets SKU: CB Gimbal | Helix SKU: RNCBGIMBAL

Includes: Quick Release Plate

Condition: Very Good.

A gimbal designed the way it should be. The CB Gimbal utilizes precision roller bearings for the easiest pan and tilt, making it the perfect companion for any telephoto lens. Innovative modular components allow for easy disassembly and maximum portability. It is a must-have for any photographer seeking the best gimbal available.

• The capacity to handle all telephoto lenses
• Precision roller bearings allow for easy pan and tilt
• Easy to disassemble for compact packing and travel
• Black ‘hard anodized’ aluminum for strength, scratch resistance, and light weight
• Maintenance-free; no lubrication needed
• Modular system allows the use of a stand alone gimbal or ability to turn any Arca-Swiss style ball head into a gimbal
• All assembly knobs are aluminum and captive to prevent loss and breakage
• Separate soft rubber-coated lock and drag knobs allow for greater comfort and more controlled pan and tilt
• A setup / travel lever for the safest way to balance your lenses, change cameras, and travel
• Built-in bubble level for more accurate panning while tracking objects
 Base with degree markings for panoramic images
• Laser-engraved reference lines for quick setup

 Weight: 3.3 lbs. (1502 g)
 Dimensions: 9-3/4” high, 8-1/2” wide, 3-7/8” deep
• Metric Dimensions: 24.7 cm high, 21.6 cm wide, 9.8 cm deep