F&V R-300 Lens Mount System

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F&V R-300 Lens Mount System

F&V SKU: 18095400 | Helix SKU: FV18095400

This kit enables you to mount your R-300 onto the front of the camera lens. The mount is compatible with the original R-300, R-300 SE, and R-300S SE. The mount consists of five parts. Two halves screw together on each side of the R-300. This base mount has an 82mm thread. The additional parts are step down rings that will allow the light to be mounted on 77mm, 72mm, and 67mm lens filter threads.

Please note: When the light is mounted to your lens we strongly recommend against powering the light with batteries. The added weight to the lens from the battery may have the ability to cause damage to certain lenses. We recommend using an AC Adapter or 2.5mm to D-Tap cable to power the light.

Package Contents

(1x) Lens Mount with 82mm Thread

(1x) 82mm - 67mm Lens Adapter Ring

(1x) 82mm - 72mm Lens Adapter Ring

(1x) 82mm - 77mm Lens Adapter Ring